The Hawaii Donor Quilt is perpetual. It will never be completed. It commemorates and encourages organ and tissue donation in Hawaii. There is no deadline for creating a square. This project is ongoing so new families have the opportunity to remember their loved ones in this special way. The Quilt is a tribute to those who gave the Gift of Life and whose legacies live on. To date five Hawaii Donor Quilt panels have been created with quilt squares honoring Hawaii's organ and tissue donors. These Quilt panels can be viewed at various events and locations across the state. 

The Quilt is a tribute to those who gave the gift of life and whose legacies live on in transplant recipients. 2019 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Hawaii Family Donor Quilt. Through the years, the quilt has taken on a life of its own with more than 175 squares lovingly created by donor families to honor their loved ones for their gifts of organ and tissue donation. The fifth panel of the Hawaii Donor Quilt was dedicated with a traditional Hawaiian blessing at the April 2019 Donor Remembrance Ceremony.



Click here to download information on how to create your own quilt square.

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